About Me


 A wedding is nothing more than the sum of wonderfull details and powerfull emotions. I don´t want to ruin this by meddling in the most important day of your life so my aproach is as simple as it gets, i shoot with a small camera and will never ask you to act for me. I´m there to perpetuate your wedding in the most beautifull and cinematic way possible.


There´s a trend in the wedding vídeo industry. There´s a certain way of doing things. Videographers often follow each other in social media wich leads to a linear work. They all look the same.
My only influence is cinema. Your wedding vídeo will look much more like a wollywood movie and less like a soap opera. I want you guys to feel like wollywood or Rock stars.


I´m based in Portugal but i love to travel and I´m obsccessed with diferente cultures!! I would be the happiest guy on hearth if i had to travel around the world to shoot your wedding. I speak English, French, Portuguese, a little Spanish and Italian so comunication won´t be a problem.


You want your wedding video to be the best one on social media. You want your friends who did not went to the wedding to regret it. If possible, it would be great if your wedding video had some kind of international award. My work is characterized by Weva ( World Association of wedding videographers and events) as best wedding videographer in Portugal (https://weva.pro/pt/best-videographers-from-portugal). I am also featured at https://inspirationphotographers.com/pro/filmmaker/patrick-m/ who only accepts as members the top 10% of wedding videographers around the world. I also have several films with Merit Awards attributed by APPI (Imagery professionals portuguese association). Don´t get me wrong,i will never work for the prizes, i´ll always work to do the best possible wedding vídeo for you and according with your ideas and your very own  love story.  


If you are thinking about wedding videos and would like to talk to us about the video packages we have, please just contact us and we can take things further 

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